when does the third book comes out cause i need to know how this ends

Blood & Honey – Shelby Mahurin 

Young adult, witches, witch hunters, romance, fantasy, fiction. 

After being reunited, Lou and Reid make a plan. They must stop Lou’s mother from enacting her devious plan. Not only that but the two are being hunted by all in the land. One of the important things they need to do is make and form alliances which isn’t an easy thing given that they are in a dangerous game. Reid is still trying to accept magic into his life for the sake of his wife and to follow his marital duties to stay by Lou’s side. The battle for peace and for love has just begun. 

I was waiting a long time for this novel to come out. I had been enthralled by the first book and couldn’t help but wonder about the sequel. This was phenomenally written just like the first book where I was taken on a roller coaster of feelings. I couldn’t help but to try to read this in one sitting because of the way the narrative was written I didn’t want to set this book down not once. I feel for Reid because he was taught to hate witches and magic but he loves this woman who became his wife. I just don’t like some choices that Lou had made that were deeply questionable in this book and I fear for the third book that is coming out later this year. I simply hate the fact that TikTok made me buy the first book and I got so invested in this because the whole trope of witch and witch hunter/ enemies to lovers romance story never got me interested before having read this book. I definitely recommend this series. It is a whole trip and a roller coaster of feels.


i need to read the sequel because this was sooo good~

Children of Blood and Bone – Toni Adeyemi 

Fantasy, young adult, magic, fiction.

Rating 10/10

It has been a long time since the maji had their magic. The magic was taken away by the rulers of Orisha and there is no hope of the magic ever returning. Until one day, in Zelie’s village she is approached by a girl with a scroll claiming it can bring back magic. She introduces herself as Amari, she is on the run from where she witnessed her father kill someone over the magic. Zelie and her brother, Tzain, under Mama Agba’s vision go try to bring back magic to the maji people along with Amari. Amari’s father instructs her brother Inan to stop them from bringing back magic. This becomes a race against time to bring magic back. 

This was so fun to read and I simply loved the book from the first sentence to the last. I never had read any young adult fantasy novels that were this interesting. The pacing is excellent and there are multiple points of views that enrich the storytelling experience. I couldn’t stop reading this book and it took me two days to read due to how rather large this novel is. The characters are so unique and perfect to the plot. The idea of Zelie going and getting magic back to her people as well as learning about her identity was phenomenal and beautifully put together. There is a lot of world building along the way and such beautiful descriptions. I would love to reread this and possibly continue the series soon. I highly recommend going to a nearby bookstore, snatching this book, and reading it. 

a worse evil lurks

Thirst: Black Blood – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Sita revisits Los Angeles due to the sudden rise of horrific violence. Not wanting to be away for a while because she wants to be there to help Ray, her new lover she turned vampire to save his life, feed. He reminds her of her husband she had long ago, Rama, who looks eerily alike to Ray. She wants to know what is going on until she comes across some barely inexperienced newborn vampires. It is impossible because she ended Yakasha in the fire. Or did she. She goes back to Seymour to check in on him and to talk with him. He offers that maybe Yakasha is not truly dead. Sita later finds out there was a body recovered from the explosion and that same body went missing as well as Eddie Fender, someone who took care of the bodies in the morgue. Sita plans to hunt him down and end not only the newborn vampires he has created but including him.

This second novel in the series was very well thought into and detailed that made sense to the plot of the narrative. We meet some new characters as well as see a new romance budding. Some people might say it’s out of guilt that there is a romance but Sita acknowledges that Ray is not her old husband Rama. I love their chemistry. However, this was thoughtfully made and connects to the first novel. I remember that this part made me officially stay with this universe that Christopher Pike has created.

might play the video game after reading this …

Blood of Elves: A Novel of the Witcher – Andrzej Sapkowski

Fantasy, video games, Netflix, fiction.

Rating 8/10

In a tavern, there is talk of Geralt, a Witcher, who rescued a little girl who is to become a Witcher. To them it is just a myth but somewhere far away Geralt is training the young Ciri. The myth is a reality. For she is destined for greatness according to the magician Triss that manages to find the Witcher kingdom. Both Triss and Geralt share a history that both rather keep distant. She tells Geralt that Ciri needs proper education and interaction with others besides constantly being trained. They take Ciri to go to school to learn properly. There are people after Ciri for who she is. Then all hell breaks loose and Geralt will do whatever it takes to protect Ciri.

This first installment of the Witcher books is all right. The plot is thoroughly driven with enough excitement to read. I love Triss and Witcher interactions, talk about sexual tension that cuts the air like a knife. Triss was mother hen mode when it came to addressing Ciri’s need for social interaction and education. Excellent writing style and unique storytelling overall. However, the chapters are really long, and I felt that the chapters could’ve been kept short or figured out a way to organize the chapters into smaller chapters. Each chapter felt longer and longer as I was reading the novel.