i love werewolves

Bitten – Kelley Armstrong

Werewolves, fantasy, survival, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Elena is a pretty normal woman except she is a werewolf. She tries to live normally with humans even though the person who turned her prefers her to be with her own kind, she prefers normalcy. Having a human boyfriend in the city as well as a job there too screams normal. Clayton, her ex that turned her into a werewolf, calls her demanding her to come talk to him, so she leaves town to talk to him. There is a problem in Stonehaven, a couple of mutts running around causing havoc. they need her and the rest of the pack to hunt down the mutt. Jeremy, the leader, formulates a plan with the pack on how to catch the mutt that has been causing problems in that town. They find out who the mutt is, and this mutt had been turning people into werewolves, very bad people. Another pack comes in to help create peace and get rid of the dangerous mutts. Elena faces a fight of her life that would make her choose between two worlds she is apart of. Either return to her human life or stay at Stonehaven.

I love the fact that this novel had a strong female character who can take on challenges on her own. I had read this novel in middle school and fell in love with the main character. I had to return to this novel to reread because I loved this novel so much. Even as a werewolf she is pretty awesome. I wanted to make this as PG because I don’t fully know my audience so its safe to keep some information out. Besides, I don’t want to spoil too much because the reader should read for themselves the book because I think this novel doesn’t get enough attention. I did realize there is a series adaptation on Netflix, but I am not big on watching television much. This novel has great writing that is a balance of action and dialogue.