marriage counseling to the rescue!

Love Her or Lose Her – Tessa Bailey

Romance, marriage, life, fiction.

Rating 9/10

The couple, Rosie and Dominic, had been lovers for a long time, married, and living a wonderful life together. Or so they thought after their romance began to fade away into a schedule that felt meaningless. One night, Rosie had enough of this and felt that their marriage was falling apart. She had such big dreams and realized that none came true. Dominic sees that his wife is unhappy and feels that he’s the blame. She signs them up to do marriage counseling. At first, he didn’t want to but as their sessions went on, they both found themselves feeling like their teenage selves. They learned so much and continue to learn more about each other and themselves. Each of them putting into a dream they both desire.

I liked the title of the novel and was expecting this novel to go a different path of storytelling but instead I got something way better than I expected. Never judge a book by its cover nor synopsis. I learned that lesson with this novel. This was so good and well-paced. There wasn’t any rushing as some romance novels have that element. I felt as if I was in their relationship and I tried to pace myself when reading this novel. I couldn’t help it at all. I have to say I love some romances now. This one wasn’t as cheesy as the mainstream ones usually are, which, I prefer my romance straightforward and fresh. Yes, there is a theme of a marriage falling apart but Tessa Bailey took it and freshened it up by adding more to the narrative, making the narrative complex but not so much that the reader is left behind.