Bring Me Back – B.A. Paris

Thriller, suspense, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Finn’s girlfriend, Layla went missing at a rest stop and twelve years later he told everyone she disappeared. He did not tell the entire truth. She is still out there lurking somewhere but has not been found. Finn moved on with his life and getting married to Layla’s sister, Ellen. One day they receive Russian dolls and they don’t think much of it. Later on this escalates to more Russian dolls and menacingly threatening letters. Finn reaches out to the person sending the dolls and threats only to find that sometimes the truth is unbelievable.

This novel was found in the 6$ section of a Barnes and Nobles. I was curious as to why such a good book is there. I honestly think this book should have been sold at full price and more popular because this was a good thriller suspense novel. I hadn’t expected the plot twist at all. To safely say, I wasn’t expecting this plot at all. The reader should find out the plot twist. The characters and their interactions greatly aided the plot. The creepy Russian dolls scared me though. I mean them being left with a note was really intense… Overall, great novel, highly recommend this.