a deadly BITE

Interview with the Vixen: Archie Horror Book 2 – Rebecca Barrow

Archie comics, fiction, horror, young adult.

Rating 6/10

Veronica comes home from cheer practice and wants to inform her parents of her evening plans. She finds them dead in her father’s office and a looming dark figure threatening her. She tries to escape but only escapes with a terrifying bite from the vampire monster. She gets into a car accident with another vehicle and later wakes up completely healed as if nothing happened. Except she sees herself with blood red eyes and sharp fangs. She has somehow become a vampire from the bite. Veronica asks help from Dilton Doiley to find a way to become human again which is finding the sire and properly getting rid of him. In an attempt to do so, Archie is caught in the crossfire and is captured by the vampire’s henchmen, which are her parents. They are under his control. Both have to go back and regroup plans. Meanwhile Reggie Mantle is the other car that Veronica crashed into and he wakes up to find himself changed into a vampire. He goes to try to find Veronica to get answers. When he does, she tells him he will tell her as much as she could but they had to first go get help from Betty to try to figure out what is going on with the vampire who has control of her parents. Veronica successfully rescues Archie from the clutches of the vampires with the aided help of Betty. The trio with Dilton and Cheryl formulate a plan to save Riverdale.

I thought this novel was going to be better than I had expected but it was not that bad. Not entirely good either. I do not have issues with the storyline. I was expecting a lot more but it’s all right. I preferred the other book in the Archie Horror universe. I like werewolves over vampires personally. However, Archie is always no matter what iteration he is in, he is always promiscuous no matter what as well as always indecisive over who he wants to be with either Betty or Veronica.


not Jughead…

A Werewolf in Riverdale – Caleb Roehrig

Archie comics, horror, young adult, fiction.

Rating  10/10

Dilton Doiley was found dead in the Riverdale graveyard, torn to pieces, and because of the loss of a student at Riverdale High, school was canceled for that day for the students to mourn the loss as well as seek counseling for this troubling time. Jughead Jones remembered a dream about chasing Dilton and witnessing a murder scene. Jughead begins to think he murdered Dilton. Betty Cooper blames herself for not ready for the werewolf attack. She knew it had to have been because no wild animal would create such carnage. Archie finds Betty’s behavior to be very suspicious and confronts her about it. She tells him that she is a Werewolf hunter of Riverdale and reveals to him that there are a few families with werewolf genes and one name that stands out is Jones, their best friend’s family name. Archie doesn’t want to believe in the possibility of his friend being this murderous werewolf. Grundy and Pop Tate are found dead and half eaten. Archie teams up with Betty to hunt down the Riverdale Ripper and face their choice that can save more lives.

I love all things Archie Comics and this book brought my favorite world of fantasy to the world of Archie Comics. My boyfriend and I were book shopping, he saw this on the shelf and snuck it into the book pile to be purchased. I have to say this novel was so worth purchasing and reading as well. I could not put down the book because of the fact that it had werewolf lore that was legit. Most books twist some lore and change it, this one remained faithful to the werewolf lore I come to know and love. However, this novel is not for the faint of heart because there are descriptions of violence and gore.