this sorta messed me UP

The Infinity Courts – Akemi Dawn Bowman 

Young adult, fantasy, death, afterlife, computers, science fiction, fiction.


Nami was ready for her future until she was murdered. She died when the bank robber at the liquor store shot her. She finds herself in Infinity where the mind is alive but her body is dead. The people who greet her tell her about the war against Ophelia who has taken over the Infinity and hates humanity. Nami is the only one to help save them from disaster or their world from actually ending. 

This young adult novel was one of the trendy books I saw and was instantly interested. However, the chosen one trope was what got to me but besides that everything else is really good. The storyline and plot goes smoothly. The characters and their interactions with each other were alright but the chosen one trope kept getting more annoying as the characters kept telling Nami she is the chosen one and that she should train for the ultimate fight. I was expecting better for this novel but then again the chosen one trope is heavily in most young adult novels as it is popular among that demographic. It sells right off the shelves.


Not Another Horrible YA Novel

Contagion – Teri Terry

Epidemics, missing persons, memory, antimatter, dystopias, brothers and sisters, science fiction, Great Britain, identity, young adult, fiction.

Rating 1/10

In this apocalyptic world, a disease is unleased to the masses. Callie, a test subject for the most part of her life, has escaped and on the hunt for the man who kidnapped her. Her older brother, Kai, wants to know what was done to his baby sister and wants revenge too. When Shay encounters this disease, she dies and reborn with the ability to talk with the dead. Now Callie, Shay, and Kai are on the run to save themselves from evil forces that threaten their existence.

I did not enjoy nor like this young adult fiction at all. I have found this novel unbearable to read and did not bother finishing the final hundred pages. I feel like this dystopian fiction has been overused now and all gets repetitive with a certain formula. I respect the idea, but the author did not make this subgenre work. Too much clichés and that was extremely distasteful. Not sorry for giving this novel a low rating.