honeymoon gets a bit spicy.

Fly Me to the Moon: Volume 8 – Story and Art by Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, married life, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa and Tsukasa decide to go on a honeymoon at a hot springs resort. Nasa tries to make plans for the two of them to spend time together and do more couple-like things. Every time there is a chance for the two of them to get close and intimate, these two are simply too shy for their own good. After the little honeymoon, they return home to continue their little life together. 

I had found this manga and immediately grabbed it. I ship Nasa and Tsukasa so much. They’re a cute and awkward couple that I really love. This manga is really sweet with some perverted stuff but it’s mostly warm hearting cuteness. The hot tub scene got me laughing and going aww with. Overall the author and artist did a really great job with this manga series and I’m hooked on this series.


exams and summer camp?

My Hero Academia Vol. 8 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Midoriya and his classmates take their exams and as they finish taking their exams, they speculate whether or not they passed. Some believe they did due to success and others, not so much the case. Once their exams are done, they are given results. All are eligible to go to Summer Training Camp. However, there are some students who didn’t pass the exams that have to do extra work during the Summer Training Camp. It’s their first day and training immediately begins. While they were training, the League of Villains plan their attack on the camp.

I found the summer training camp arc really humorous and heart felt. A lot of characters learn more about themselves and others. I was speculating that they all had passed their exams cause some of them didn’t fulfill the requirements to pass the exam but then there was a plot twist that should’ve been seen a mile away or pages away, but I forgot about the possibility. I am really and deeply invested in this manga series and too deep into this to back out. I have my best friend to thank and my boyfriend to thank.