Kagome annoys me NOT SORRY

InuYasha 3: 3 volumes in 1, 7-10,  – Rumiko Takahashi 

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Kagome got caught in the middle of a fight between InuYasha and his brother, Sasshomaru. In the midst of anger and annoyance for Kagome, always interfering InuYasha throws her back into the well into her own time so he can deal with the demons and collect the Shikon pearl shards himself. He is really badly injured when more demons are sent to him by Naraku and Shippo tries to get the well unclogged so that Kagome can come back. Kagome is angry with InuYasha for tossing her aside when he truly needed her help. She goes about her life as usual in her own time until she feels the Shikon’s presence. She goes back to the well and tries to get into the well. When she does, she returns to a fight scene and a really injured InuYasha with the monk trying to fight off a demon. She steps in and helps out. Kikyo’s soul and body is roaming once more and she wants InuYasha but traps Kagome so that she doesn’t stop her. InuYasha sees Kikyo and wants to help her. Kagome witnesses InuYasha proclaim his love for Kikyo and is furious. So furious she breaks Kikyo’s spell and confronts InuYasha. Both don’t want to admit their feelings for each other but its obvious when they go on the next adventure that they work well together. 

So… I have mixed feelings. I know Kagome is the main character but I hate her. She annoys me and not only that but she is easily annoyed by anything and everything. I was so glad that InuYasha practically yeeted her into her own time. She was always getting in the way and getting injured. Anyways I really am getting deep into this fandom and I just can’t wait to get my hands on the next omnibus. I am super invested and I really want to get into this further to see what happens with Kagome and InuYasha plus the fact that his other love interest Kikyo is alive and is a wandering soul is making things more spicy. I am glad and thankful to have gotten into this series thanks to my best friend. I am also watching the anime as well and that is good too so yeah. Can’t wait to read more.