must rescue the child

My Hero Academia Vol. 15 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Deku is accepted into the agency and him plus Mirio decide to do some field work by patrolling. While patrolling they come across the young Shie Hassaikai’s new leader, Chisaki, and a little girl by the name of Eri. Eri grabbed onto Deku and he notices bandages and her trembling. After Mirio tells Deku he should let go of Eri, he deeply doesn’t want to because he knows she’s in trouble. They leave and report to Sir Nighteye. Sir Nighteye tells them that they have to wait to do a drug bust then they can rescue Eri. All the pro heroes and interns come together to make a strategy to go save Eri as well as bring down the Shie Hassaikai’s. They prepare to execute the plan; the time begins to do a countdown.

I have to say, I immediately got a brother sister vibe between the interaction of Deku and Eri, I sort of expected that sort of reaction was going to happen. I have to say, can’t wait to see more of Eri in the future of the manga volumes that are to come. This was a good volume. I feel that Horikoshi really went full in depth when creating these backstories and plot lines as well as creating characters with such memorable traits. Please, if one is a manga enthusiast, buy the entire manga and read it. I can’t express how good the story is and the characters are. I love this manga more and more. I plan to finish up until the last one I have which is volume 23.