omg loved this a lot

Return to Grace (The Grace Valley Series Book 1) – Bethany Surreira

Romance, contemporary, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Leah has reached a peak in her life. She has a dream apartment, a dream job, and a handsome boyfriend. All in her dream place, New York. Her father calls for her to come home for her mother’s funeral and that is when everything comes crashing down. She loses her boyfriend over this and leaves town. When she arrives at Grace Valley she runs into an old flame, her ex-boyfriend Caleb who is now engaged. As she is residing in Grace Valley she slowly learns more about why her mother tried to come to New York as well as how Caleb’s mother felt. Deep down, Leah feels that this is her second chance with Caleb and with Grace Valley.

So this was another novel that was in the Romance Reveal Book Box (not sponsored). I swear whoever is packing my order seems to hit it right on the nose with what I want for a romance. This one was a slow burn but there was mostly plot which I appreciate. I do like reading something with spice but this was plot and wholesome. Leah returning back home felt as if it was her destiny. There are slow moments of the novel hence being a slow burn. The place Surreira describes and the inhabitants of Grace Valley felt so surreal and believable. I felt as if I stepped into this world. I just hated that Leah’s ex-boyfriend showed up after being an absolute arsehole to her and then tried to make a move to prevent her old flame from being cuddly. Caleb’s girlfriend was also a bitch and annoyed me so much. In the end, I was glad he cut things off. I found out the rest of the series is on Kindle Unlimited so I will be reading those.

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