witches, curses, romance, OH MY

The Ex Hex – Erin Sterling 

Romance, witches, magic, fiction. 

Rating 8/10

Vivienne was heartbroken and drunk which is a horrible combination and to add magic made it deadlier. She jokingly made a curse him. Nine years later, he returns but is having extremely bad luck. All he wants to do is charge the ley lines then leave. However, he runs into Vivienne who helps him go to the location. And that is where everything begins falling apart. Somehow his curse now spread to the entire town. Vivienne has to figure out a way to lift the curse from the town. 

This novel was slightly overhyped but I did like the premise. I loved the characters but the plot was just too crazy but somehow it was fixed. I have no other words besides I did like this novel and appreciated the randomness it had. It had some fantasy aspects which I did also appreciate.


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