perfect for summer reading

Specter: Circuit Book 1- Lacey Dailey

Romance, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

It took a long time for Sage to figure out who really rescued her from the drug dealers that held her captive. She opted to give the police all information but neglected to share where she got the hacking experience and assistance from Circuit. She decided to go find some thank you notes to give to them. Wren had been working at Circuit for nearly two years being a hacktivist meaning hacking for a good reason. They get a box but the box is labeled to him. He finds out it was Sage, the girl that they rescued. Sage and Wren’s lives are about to become more chaotic as they grow closer to each other. 

This novel was utterly sweet and very geeky. I loved it. I got this book through Romance Reveal Book Box (not sponsored) because I missed how they were able to pinpoint the type of romance I’d like. I had to do the subscription again and this time they brought more subgenres as options such as young adult fiction. The writing was interesting and the plot is excellent. The interactions with all the characters felt fresh and real which I love when dialogue is more relaxed. It makes the dialogue more believable. This was a really cute romance between Wren and Sage. I enjoyed this novel overall. 

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