just a fun and scary read

A Flicker in the Dark – Stacy Willingham

Psychological, thriller, fiction

Rating 9/10

Chloe is a successful psychologist and is to be married very soon to the man she loves. Just weeks before the wedding happens a teen girl goes missing. The same exact way that teen girls during their teenage years disappeared. Except the culprit was her father and he had been locked away for a long time. Investigators think it is a copycat and she begins to see a pattern when the teen girls are her patients. Driven to find out who the copycat killer she does her own investigating in the darkness. What she finds is more sinister than she originally thought. 

I loved the premise of the novel and had to immediately grab it. I found myself really invested in the plot and I had speculation about who was the copycat killer. There were so many plot twists that were phenomenal. However, the writing was excellent and I felt that the ending was anti-climatic. Everything else felt natural as far as interactions went. What bothered me was the author didn’t distinguish between what was in the present and the past. It felt very blended together which was oddly distracting. Other than that, this was really gripping and enjoyed reading this novel. 

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