Sing Me Home – Ava Hunter

Romance, fiction. 

Rating 8/10

Luke’s wife went missing nine months ago in a plane crash. Everyone thought she was dead until she appeared and called herself Jenny by his brother Seth. She is brought to a hospital after nearly drowning and Luke goes to her. Sal finds out who she really is and that the person who called her Jenny was taking advantage of her since she can’t remember. Sal has to slowly remember everything and Luke is at her side. 

I loved this novel. It is not within my realm of romance because of the fact this novel takes place within the country music genre. It was really sweet and I read it within one sitting because of the fact it’s short and the storyline was perfect. It helped me feel better cause when I read this I was feeling down and sad. The cuteness of this novel helped but I wished it was longer and that the end wasn’t so rushed. Overall, this was one of the books I got from the Romance Reveal Book Box and those people over there understand what I love. This isn’t sponsored by them but it’s a great subscription box.

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