just had to get another Rick Riordan novel

Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle – Rick Riordan 

Fantasy, gods, goddesses, greek, myths, children, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Apollo angered Zeus to the point that now Apollo is a human named Lester. Something bad is happening to the demi-gods and he has to figure out what is going on. Going off of just some information and a lack of an oracle to guide him he has to work with his niece, Meg, to save the world. 

I absolutely loved this novel. I was fascinated by how Riordan wrote this and was bringing the same energy as he did in the other works I’ve read. This is in a way a continuation of his other series and there are characters that are mentioned or even involved. There were more gods and goddesses introduced that weren’t in the previous which I did appreciate. I was laughing at some parts and was so thankful I was able to find a copy. Apollo kind of deserved what he got because of his attitude and personality. We see some humbling but not a lot to fully redeem him. I enjoyed reading this and definitely recommend this. 


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