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Loveless – Alice Oseman

Young adult, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Georgia is trying to find the reason why she isn’t attracted to anyone. When she goes off to college she promises herself to experiment and with the help of her roommate she comes to a conclusion that is rather messy. She is aromantic asexual. Someone who isn’t romantic nor finds anyone sexually attractive. She navigates the stressful world of college while finding her sexual identity as well as making new friends and trying to keep the old friends. 

I absolutely loved this novel so much. This novel made me have so many feelings that I can’t describe in words other than I love this novel. The writing was out of this world along with the characters plus their interactions. Finding one’s sexual identity isn’t easy since the world tells us what is the right option rather than teaching us that there is more than bisexuality, homosexuality, and lesbian. There is a full spectrum and we see Georgia explore that. I enjoyed reading this so much and I definitely recommend it.


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