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Revisiting: A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J Maas

Fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Feyre is a huntress who provides means of food and some money to her family. Her father had made some distasteful investments that went south led them to live in poverty. One day, Feyre goes on a hunt to get not only food but some fur as well. She kills not only a deer but a wolf to bring home enough food to the table and to go trading the furs. Someone arrives asking who had killed the Wolf who had been apparently a faerie. Feyre fesses up that she was the one who killed him and she was immediately taken to the Spring Court. As punishment by her captor, Tamlin, she would serve her sentence in the faerie realm for the rest of her life. As long as she stays, her family is well cared for. 

For a while, she gets used to living among the faeries and learns more about them and their ways of life. She slowly begins to see that they all aren’t as bad as how history and people had painted them. Lucien paints a story about a curse that plagues them. Not only that but enlightens her with information. There is an immediate danger to her life and Tamlin sets her free from her obligation then sends her back to the human realm. When she returns she noticed that Tamlin was in fact telling the truth and when it is revealed that a name that she has falsely given for herself caused another person’s entire family to be massacred she makes a decision to leave. 

She decided that she really loves Tamlin and wants to go back to him. She needs to let him know but what stops her is that he is captured Under the Mountain. After learning that there was a curse that would have explained the masks she is more than eager to break the curse. Not only him but the entire Spring Court is. She is given the choice of either partaking in Amarantha’s trials and breaking them out or dying. All the while making deals to ensure she can free Tamlin even if there are some costs towards the Spring Court’s freedom. 

I decided to try to finish the series up until the final book so I wanted to revisit the series to give myself a reminder before finishing the series. I intend on rereading the second book before reading the third then the rest of the series. I invested in the boxed set and the most recent book despite it being a hardcover. This novel when I first read it, I was enlightened by the lore slightly and I did change how I rated it. I previously rated the novel 10/10 and downgraded it by a point because some of the events felt rushed. I still stand on the fact that this was beautifully descriptive and thought into. There were a lot of breadcrumbs of information that were necessary for the plot to continue without the audience being clueless. While this felt like a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I found myself hating Tamlin and more of Lucien. He may seem more like a jerk but he was honest and that is the best policy. Overall, I did re-enjoy the novel and will be looking forward to reading the sequel. 

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