I had to DNF this one…

DNF (Didn’t Finish): Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

I tried to give Colleen Hoover another chance to redeem herself with a different novel. However, within the first fifty pages, I could see the same pattern of a troubled man needing some sort of forgiveness for being a distasteful and or horrible person. I hated the previous Hoover book that I read because Ryle was all nice then became an asshole and showed his true colors. In this novel, the love interest seems like he is already showing his true colors to the main character. I’m sorry but also not sorry for liking these two Colleen Hoover books. I can never understand the hype of toxic relationships in fiction. I’ll be gifting these two books to a local free library because I didn’t like them and don’t want them in my collection.

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