Happy Turkey Day!

I’m taking the rest of the month off to spend time with family and friends for turkey day. I’ll be back on December 1st with thrilling new content.

You can browse on my website to reread some of my older posts or go follow my social media for more content.

Or you can check out my novel “The Summertime Cult: The Strange Case of Kiah Reynolds” which is available right now on Kindle Unlimited, e-book, and paperback. I will link my book down below just after the synopsis.

A young woman is about to enter her dream four-year college but before she heads off she spends some time at her grandmother’s. While staying at her grandmother’s place she learns of this mysterious cult that takes babies from loving parents only to sacrifice them in horrible and brutal ways. They are known as The Summertime Cult. She intends to take them down. One by one.


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A bibliophile who loves literature of all kinds and listens to rock and metal music

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