I had a book hangover because of how good this was

The Unbroken – C.L. Clark

Fantasy, sapphic, fiction. 

Rating 13/10

Tourine returns home but as a lieutenant and to serve. She stops a near assasination of Princess Luca. Princess Luca is grateful but knows she owes Tourine a favor for saving her. Tourine doesn’t call on this favor until something terrible happens. Tourine was kidnapped by the rebels that have been causing chaos and mischief. They plant evidence that murdered someone and if she doesn’t want to be executed she has to serve under Princess Luca as her assistant and spy for the rebels. Princess Luca wants this magic that is rumored in this place and she wants it for her own to heal herself and others. She can’t do that when the rebels are acting up and she also wants to become Queen. In order to become a Queen she has to demonstrate power and a steady hand so she does whatever she can to get favor with this city. Tourine realizes that Princess Luca can’t be fully trusted with this magic and betrays her for a good reason. Tourine wants to be free to discover her own past and carve her own path. 

I really enjoyed this novel. I am sad that the second book doesn’t come out for a long time. It breaks me but I am glad I found this book. I love fantasy fiction and this gave me the reason why I love it. This has complex military information and expansive world building. There is a lot of politics involved that is intricate and felt so surreal. I didn’t want to finish this book because I was slowly enjoying the plot and characters but I needed to know about Tourine and Princess Luca. This novel tells from both perspectives in third person and I really enjoyed that. I love seeing both sides because this helps world building even more but through different eyes. Clark really did take me on a journey that left me in a book hangover. I simply don’t want to go to another book, I want to go back to this one. I sincerely recommend this novel.

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