InuYasha is my fave

InuYasha 2: 3 Volumes in 1, 4-6 – Rumiko Takahashi

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Kagome and InuYasha have gained new allies as well as new enemies. Kagome gets once again kidnapped. Making InuYasha and new companion, Shippo, go and rescue her and the broken Shikon pieces from the infamous and dangerous Thunder Brothers. In an attempt to stay alive she falsified information to make herself useful. InuYasha successfully rescues her and keeps seeing Kikyo, but Kagome’s actions remind and prove to him that this is an entirely different person now. Since she wants to be helping everyone she finds herself in all sorts of danger. When an old woman named Urasue takes Kikyo’s body and resurrects her, she realizes that she needs the soul of Kikyo and sees Kagome. Urasue kidnaps Kagome and attempts to force the soul out but fails. This works when InuYasha does and now they have to reverse the damage that was caused before Kikyo tries to kill InuYasha while protecting the body of Kagome. 

I’m very invested in this series because this is amazingly written and drawn. I wish I had access or had known about this series when I was younger. The interactions between InuYasha and Kagome got me laughing. I felt more annoyed with Kagome in this manga set because she was not listening to InuYasha and got herself into some sticky situations. I enjoyed this just the same however. Shippo is an interesting character and I like to see what happens with him on their journey to collecting the Shikon crystal pieces. I love the artwork and details of some of the enemies they come across. Some artwork is really creepy but I like creepy stuff. I’m slowly collecting and reading the omnibuses because they are easier to find and I prefer this format. I can’t wait to come across the next omnibus because I really want to see what happens with Kagome and InuYasha. I feel that he is in love with Kagome but doesn’t want to admit it. I feel that maybe Kagome likes him but we will see where the plot takes us.


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