this could get rid of arachnophobia?

So I’m a Spider, So What? Vol 1. Light Novel- Okina Baba, Illustrations – Tsukasa Kiryu

Magic, spiders, monsters, prisons, escapes, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

A teenage girl is attending a Japanese Classical literature class when the entire room explodes and she dies. She wakes up to the sight of spider brethren and sisters going cannibal on each other and she finds out she is a spider of some sorts. She gets a grip of her new reality and as she’s exploring this dungeon she learns more about herself and her statuses that allow her to do different actions. She plans to increase her statuses and try to escape the dungeon.

I had heard of this series and I was interested in the premise. I love reincarnations and this one was the spider variant that was odd. I loved every moment of this light novel. The energy is very lovely and strange. Also, there is a dungeons and dragons feel to this as we see the main character increase her stats. I read this all in one day cause, honestly, I wanted to know more about this adventure as a spider in a dungeon. I wish that I had found more of this light novel series but in the future I will make it my mission to find all of the series. I can’t just settle with only reading one and go my entire life without this light novel. I wonder if this is also a manga cause if so I think I would be interested. All I have to say is if one has arachnophobia this book is definitely not for those with that phobia. However, this light novel has hardly any pictures of spiders. Just a narrative told through the spider’s perspective which is very detailed. The author might have had an interest in spiders and most likely observed spiders and their strange behaviors. Overall, I love this light novel and I look forward to continuing the series in the near future.


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