weird but oddly cute?

I’m a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl’s Pet: Light Novel – Nozomi Ginyoku, Illustrations by Mitsuki Yano 

Fantasy, reincarnation, monsters, fiction, new adult. 

Rating 8/10

A knight dies in battle and wakes up reborn. He is in shock that he was reborn into a behemoth and he has to level up. An Elf girl passes by to take him in. He wonders why a Elf girl isn’t scared of him. When he finds out that he doesn’t look like a dangerous and scary monster, he is the form of a housecat. She rescues him from near death and he is forever in her debt. Nonetheless, he becomes her pet and sidekick on this new adventure. 

I was wanting to read more light novels hence this once. I was thinking this was fun and different. I was right about it being fun and different. The world building is great and the mechanics of this world is fleshed out immediately. This works like dungeons and dragons mixed with an RPG. I just have to say, this is not safe for work and not safe for kids either. This is more geared towards the new adult range. This was oddly good and I loved it. However, I think that the manga would be better than the light novel. I would suggest reading both the light novel and the manga to do one’s own comparison.


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