aww purrfect novel I ever read

I am a Cat: Vol 1-3 – Soseki Natsume 

Contemporary, cat’s perspective, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

This unnamed cat lives with this human that is a very intelligent and artful person. The cat shares his unique perspective on life. He analyzes humanity in a very blunt way to the truth through each day. This unnamed cat shares his life of napping and eating food. He dreams of catching a rat like the other cats in the neighborhood. He moves from household to household observing humanity while taking luxurious naps. Life is pretty interesting for this cat. 

I had read the first chapter in my Japanese Literature class and that was just a tease. I loved this so much I had to get the whole three volumes. My life would be incomplete if I didn’t finish the novel. I love that this takes place in the Meiji era and the perspective is told through the cats point of view. There are hardly ever any novels that are told through the perspective of a cat. I was happy that I got this book because as I had read this book I lost my fur baby. We had to put her down due to a health issue. She had lived for sixteen years and that is a long time for a cat. She was my best friend who I loved with all my heart. I read this because I needed something wholesome and heart warming. This book brings all that to the table with perspectives of the Meiji era in Japan with the cat perspective. Also, the book is rather thick but worth it from the cover to the last page because it is full of adventures that I didn’t want to go into detail. I highly recommend to all cat lovers to read this novel.

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