I really enjoyed this

Something to Talk About – Meryl Wilsner

LGBTQ+, Hollywood, romance, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Jo takes her assistant, Emma, to a red carpet event that leads to a scandal that Jo has a relationship with her assistant. This causes some issues for both Jo and Emma. Jo manages to resolve the issue and things go back to normal. Almost normal then they share a kiss. Both are awkward about it and neither talk for a few days. Jo is deeply in love with Emma and Emma is in love with Jo. Neither wants to acknowledge until one day, the truth breaks free as they both confront their feelings for one another. 

I thought this was utterly sweet and cute. I liked that this was more on the fluff side than smut until the very end of the book. I appreciated all the fluff between Jo and Emma. This was more on the contemporary side but I loved it. This was told in two different perspectives of how the characters interact and perceive each other. The author’s writing was magnificent and there was a lot of comedy with the seriousness of this sort of industry that is Hollywood. I wished this was slightly longer or with hopes of a sequel, but just as I loved this novel.


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