successfully found the sequal to Forevermore

Everlast – Alex Grayson

Romance, Fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Lincoln and Molly’s love story continues as they moved into this old house. Molly and Lincoln are wanting to be parents of a third child and are willing to try. She finds old letters in the attic and wants to find the families that they originally belonged to. Among the life and stresses of life, she has a medical accident that propels her to finding out about her grandparents as well as analyzing her relationship with Lincoln. With the perfect fairy tale romance, fate does like to throw some rather surprising news in their direction. 

This was a perfect conclusion to the romance story. I had read the novelette that was about their beginning and this was lengthier. I was surprised it wasn’t a novelette and that it was an actual novel length. This didn’t skip out on a lot of years as the novelette had done. We saw more of the interactions they had with each other and with the children that they have. This went into depth of things and I loved the twists and turns. Overall, I loved the sequel and happy moments. I thought this was well written and put together. I highly recommend this novel for those who want a really lovely romance that has a lot of fluff and love.


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