this was one of my fave middle school science fiction novels

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

Science fiction, abilities, love, dictatorship, soldiers, young adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Juliette has a condition where she touches someone or someone touches her, they experience immense pain and suffering. Her parents decided to surrender her to a mental health institute where she is left to rot. She counts the days until she is given a roommate who doesn’t understand why she’s so distant. She remembers him, he was Adam, a fellow teen who also had family troubles. A few days later, she is taken out and into a new facility and meets Warner who wants her to use her power to hurt the world just as the world had hurt her. She refuses until Warner gives her a trial she must complete. Adam tells her that he knew of her all along and wanted to rescue her. She faces a decision and knows the clear path of what she must do. 

I had read this as I recall in middle school. I decided to buy the book to reread it since my old copy was not salvageable. This book really blew my mind in ways I can’t comprehend. There were dystopian elements and a lot of mental health awareness. We follow the character into a positive development. She refuses to become a weapon for evil because she knows her powers are too dangerous. Even though the world had hurt her and she was given an option to pay back with revenge she refused. I loved the main character and the potential love interest Adam. Just Warner creeped me out a lot. I love the author. She writes beautifully and has a unique style of storytelling that is unlike any other. I do recommend this novel. This is a one sitting type of reading and there is a series that I might continue to read in the foreseeable future. 

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