i couldn’t help but smile

Meet Cute Diary – Emery Lee

LGBTQ+, own voices, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

A young man by the name of Noah, has a Diary that is a collection of stories that has inspired his following. A troll wants to expose Noah’s stories as fictional. Noah knows these are fictional because he doesn’t have the courage to follow his own romance advice. That is when Drew comes in and they begin to fake date. Both Noah and Drew realize that they can’t continue the fake it tells you make it.

This was so heartwarming and loved this novel. We need more novels that shares the LGBTQ+ experiences and more of those voices. I need to see more of this on shelves to help teens feel that they are not alone, and they are loved. I feel adults can read this and understand as well as relate. I loved the unique writing style the author has to offer with a mix of using text messages. I feel that the youth can easier relate when there are elements that they are familiar with. Love the book and can’t wait to see this on the shelves. I would want a physical copy to reread over and over rather than an e-book.


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