to be a wife interest or not

The Selection – Kiera Cass

Young adult, fantasy, dystopia, fiction.

Rating 10/10

America Singer wants a life with Aspen and no matter what caste system says. She however wished that her life situation was better. In the mail arrives for her and she’s eligible to be apart of The Selection. To be apart of 35 women competing for the Prince’s attention to become his bride and queen. America’s family wants only the best for her and wants her to sign up. There isn’t much to lose by simply signing up. Even Aspen pushes her to sign up and go for the chance of an opportunity to get out of the low caste system. A week later and it is announced of the 35 women who gets to be the Prince’s bride. Her name is called, and she is sent off to be in a competition against the 34 other women. All she wants is to try to stay long enough for her to get a new status and she has no intentions of wanting to become Queen. Maxon, the prince, doesn’t understand her but is willing to fight to change her mind. The more time she spends in the royal palace, this game becomes more dangerous and her heart isn’t quite ready to cope.

I had read this book ages ago and decided to give it a reread to get familiar with the novel. I loved the whole purpose and plot. The romance was a slow burn that turned into a love triangle in the end. There was a lot packed in this tiny young adult novel. however, this was dystopian, and that genre is only for those who are really into that alternative universe stuff. I love it because it makes one really think and apply that world into this world to see if that reality makes this reality interesting. I loved this dystopian novel and thought it was great and not so as cliché some might argue. My favorite character must be America because of her sassy attitude and her interactions with Maxon is hilarious because he should’ve been upfront with her from the start. But he had to decide upon 35 women to pick only one within a specific time frame. Royalty does suck. Anyways, loved this novel and totes recommend this novel.


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