the MC has ADHD?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

Children’s fiction, Greek gods, fantasy, demigods, gods, goddesses, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Percy is on an ordinary field trip to a museum when something strange happens. He came across this being that tried to kill him. Grover, a satyr, warns Percy of danger. Percy and his mother try to escape before a Centaur attacked. Percy had to find safety and finds himself at Camp Half-Blood. The place is a haven for demi-gods to learn and be themselves. He meets other camp members and including Annabeth. Annabeth helped him get accustomed to the change and understanding of what is going on with his life. He does not understand that he is a demi-god until it is revealed that he is the son of Poseidon. Percy has a mission he must retrieve Zeus’s lightning bolt or deal with the horrid consequences. Annabeth, the daughter of Athena, accompanies him with the journey as well as Glover. He decides to retrieve Zeus’s lightning bolt, fighting monsters and gods along the way to find out who stole the lightning bolt.

My friend had recommended me the book series since they are to be turned into a Disney+ original series or something to that nature. I bought the entire boxed set and decided to take a chance on the series. I am so glad and mad at myself for not getting into this series. I love Greek mythology, and if you know me in person, I make the joke about mythology being shortened down if it was Zeus and the other gods and goddesses decided to keep it in their pants. Overall, I really loved the writing and the characters. Some of them, especially the main character, who has ADHD is relatable. I cannot wait to read the next book of the series so otherwise I am thankful for having access to the series. There were a few characters I had liked until they were not likeable. I do not unfortunately ship anyone so do not ask me about the whole Annabeth and Percy ship. It is only the first book and it has yet to be determined. So far, I see them as friends, do not attack me. Anyways I do love the first book and very much looking forward to the next book of the series.


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