in the shadows…

Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

Mystery, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Saffyre goes missing. Multiple women and teens are claiming Owen to be a sexual predator. He knows he is innocent. Cate and her husband Roan are disturbed by Saffyre’s disappearance. Roan was her therapist and tells that she had a tough past and did not keep her as a client due to the fact she was making a lot of recovery and worked towards a healthier life. Owen’s room has criminating evidence that points him to her disappearance. When more evidence comes out, the truth of why Saffyre disappeared comes at a shocking cost.

This novel was alright and wished it were more thrilling. Overall, the writing and characters were interesting and the plot as well. I was hoping for a more interesting narrative or something bigger than what occurred in the novel. This was a moderate mystery and not so overly done though. Rather under done and I feel the author could have went a little bit more. I was not expecting some of the elements which was shocking for me. That is something one cannot really predict with Lisa Jewell’s books. There is always a twist with her work.


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