There won’t be any new posts for a until January 4th, 2021.

I have been working on writing a novel and I want to know if anyone would be interested in seeing chapters slowly published onto here. The name will be announced later.

Here is the synopsis:

A young woman was adopted by people who desperately wanted to start a family. Years later before heading off to college she requests she goes to her grandmother’s before college starts. Her grandmother introduces her to a young lad who is an undercover cop who wants to solve find this mysterious cult that has been taking lives away from a young person each year during the summer. The young lad knows everything he needs to know to protect this young woman from danger. The grandmother’s job is to seek the young woman’s birth parents to tell them where she is. After a date this young woman returns to her grandmother’s to find her murdered and a note that questions her reality and immediately is seeking the truth. The more she looks into this cult’s history and the odd coincidences, she fears her life is in danger. Was she really adopted or abducted? Who are her actual parents?

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A bibliophile who loves literature of all kinds and listens to rock and metal music

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