she is now human? what?!

Thirst: Phantom – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 8/10

After the explosion and aftermath of the events at the government facility, Sita wakes up in a hotel room as a human. She cannot believe this at all that she is somehow human thanks to this Arturo’s, an old chemist and ex-lover, setup that made him a hybrid of a human and vampire. This setup transformed her into a human. She goes to Seymour to give him the news and inform him of this mysterious person who knew her birth name. Later on, Ray finds her and she is overly excited that she can do human things such as start a family. He helps start their family. The only unsettling aspect is the child’s quick development that is unnerving. Once her baby is born, she names her Kalika, one who destroys. Sita reconnects to Seymour to tell him everything. Seymour tells her that something is wrong here and that Kalika is an evil creature. Later, Sita is mortified and wished she listened to Seymour.

I was happy and sad that Sita was turned into a human. She seemed to be better off as a vampire but she could be normal for a change. Unfortunately, that normal only lasted for a brief amount of time until she got pregnant with this vampire creature that isn’t entirely a vampire but something rather sinister. I remember buying this book because I was eager to see what lies in store for Sita. This was rather strange, but I did like it. Rereading this kept me on my toes as the first time I read this novel. I must remind myself to expect the unexpected when it comes to this series.


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