loss and instant revenge…

Thirst: Red Dice – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Sita mourns the loss of her lover, Ray, after she had thoroughly took down Eddie Fender and ended Yakasha completely. Before Yakasha died, he offered Sita his power to make her stronger. She is grateful for that and uses it to help herself and Joel Drake, an investigator that helped her locate Yakasha’s body. Both are on the run now from law enforcement due to the acts of terrorism they saw but, Sita was taking down a great and terrible evil. In the middle of ethe escape, her accomplice Joel, was taken into the government facility and she has to rescue him. Her worst fears come to light and it is a rush to save Joel.

I did not really like this book as much as I did with the first two. This book was good and made sense just did not like the new plot. Did not make entire sense to had turned Joel into a vampire for an unjust reason. I understand that Sita lost her love of her life but replacing that person with another but that was a horrible way of grieving. Nonetheless, Sita isn’t perfect and that is what I like about her. This author continues to build the lore slowly when the information was needed which is great. The information is sparsely spread out for the reader to dissect and interpret to the plot line. I do not like information unloading all at once. I prefer breadcrumbs. Overall, I do like the series it is just this book I wasn’t a fan of.


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