a worse evil lurks

Thirst: Black Blood – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Sita revisits Los Angeles due to the sudden rise of horrific violence. Not wanting to be away for a while because she wants to be there to help Ray, her new lover she turned vampire to save his life, feed. He reminds her of her husband she had long ago, Rama, who looks eerily alike to Ray. She wants to know what is going on until she comes across some barely inexperienced newborn vampires. It is impossible because she ended Yakasha in the fire. Or did she. She goes back to Seymour to check in on him and to talk with him. He offers that maybe Yakasha is not truly dead. Sita later finds out there was a body recovered from the explosion and that same body went missing as well as Eddie Fender, someone who took care of the bodies in the morgue. Sita plans to hunt him down and end not only the newborn vampires he has created but including him.

This second novel in the series was very well thought into and detailed that made sense to the plot of the narrative. We meet some new characters as well as see a new romance budding. Some people might say it’s out of guilt that there is a romance but Sita acknowledges that Ray is not her old husband Rama. I love their chemistry. However, this was thoughtfully made and connects to the first novel. I remember that this part made me officially stay with this universe that Christopher Pike has created.


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