learning won’t be easy…

Eona – Alison Goodman

Dragon, magic, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

After nearly escaping, Eona and others are on the run and must find a safe place to regroup and formulate a plan. One of the plans is to find Prince Kygo and take back the kingdom from Lord Sethlon. Eona is facing the loss of nearly all the Dragoneyes and the sadness all the other Dragons are feeling. She must set that feeling aside to figure out how to find the Prince first then later worry about how to use and wield her Dragoneye powers. As they travel, they learn of Eona’s immense power that is hardly controlled. She learns of her ancestry and connections to the Mirror Dragon. When they reached a small tavern, they make rest there. The next day, they find Kygo fighting men and it takes all Eona’s will to stop him from fighting. When he loses the murderous rage, he regains conscious and they all are grateful for his recovery from the madness. He begins to learn about Eona and appoints her as his advisor. Both Eona and Kygo together and one of the things that is needed to be taken care of is rescuing Lord Ido to help Eona be trained to master the dragons in the meantime. This means returning to the Palace. This becomes a rescue mission and what they did not expect that this would mean war. That they would have to fight for the Palace and for Prince Kygo to claim the throne that is rightfully his.

I had mentioned in my last blog, one I had done for Eon, that I had to go find this in the garage of my parents due to the wanting to read this duology. I had learned the term duology while researching terms for how to label a two-book series. Anyways, I loved this sequel because it had the fire and passion that was left as a cliff hanger in the previous book. Eona learning of her ancestry was a vital and important character development for this book. She discovers herself and how important she is to Prince Kygo. That drives her passion and will to fight. I love Eona because she is so strong willed and knows of her weaknesses but does not let that get in the way at all. This novel was so beautifully written and presented, just as the first one. I could not put this book down at all. I do recommend hunting this duology down and read them. I always am recommending novels and this one is no exception because I had read this once before and rereading this one put me through nostalgia once more.


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