the missing dragon returns ..

Eon – Alison Goodman

Dragon, magic, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Eon is training to become the new Rat Dragoneye. The only danger is that Eon is a girl named Eona disguised as a crippled boy. She can sense Dragon power and her only chance is to be disguised as a crippled boy. Unfortunately, women are not allowed the ability to wield Dragoneye powers. Once the ceremony begins, she tries her hardest to get accepted by the Rat Dragon. When she was not accepted by the Rat Dragon, she finds herself meeting and accepting the lost Mirror Dragon. No one has heard from the Mirror Dragon in centuries. She confides in Lady Dela of her situation, and Lady Dela tells her to follow what she finds right. Eon must continue the disguise even though her dragon is a female and requires female energy. Lord Ido plans to expose her truth and attempt to take over the kingdom that is rightfully is not his. It belongs to Prince Kygo, who Eona, sworn to his mother to protect and befriend Kygo. Kygo knows of this and made Eona swear only of mutual survival only and Eona agrees. When the King dies, chaos ensues, forcing all to scramble. Lord Ido nearly killed all the Dragoneyes for their power except for Eona. Lord Sethlon has overthrown the kingdom in the disappearance of Prince Kygo. Eona must make a life altering decision to fight for what is right and for her life.

I had read this book in middle school and loved this so much. This novel is underappreciated and does not seem to be noticed. It has a feeling of Mulan but with more magical lore that adds to the sense of danger that Eona faces. The discovery of finding out the missing dragon was a female one and the sense of female empowerment from that fuels Eona’s passion for fighting for the right is amazingly everything I could ever hope for in the novel or any novel in general. I had to go through my parents’ garage to find this hidden treasure to reread because it was hard to find, in my opinion, but I rather had my original copy I had. I really enjoyed this novel when I first read it and I enjoyed it more when I reread the novel just to get more familiar with the book a bit more because it had been years since I’ve read it. I do recommend the novel to all audiences, not just young adults.


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