her voice is a weapon!

Radio – Sophia Elaine Hanson

Dystopian, music, weapons, young adult, science, fiction

Rating 10/10

After escaping the Red Bay prison, Ronja learns about her voice that can cut through the Singers and Conductor’s music. Ronja is a deadly weapon that is to be weaponized for Anthem. She and a group of people decide to go against the commander and end the Music as well as the Conductor since she is a powerful weapon, and everyone wants the true revolution. They confront the Conductor but there is a life or death situation that Ronja must decide either to give herself up or watch her friends die. The conductor gives Ronja some information that is a life changer.

This is the second installment of the Vinyl trilogy and this was excellent as the first. This might be a short book review as there was a lot packed into the novel and I would not want to spoil too much. Again, the author writes beautifully and so glad that she decided to make a second book and I look forward towards the third and final installment. There was a plot twist I hadn’t expected and did love the novel overall.


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