the switch

The Prince and the Pauper – Mark Twain

Classics, children’s literature, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Tom is a poor man and the Prince is royalty. One day, these two meet and decide to switch clothes as well as their lives. Tom being now a Prince and the Prince being a peasant. Each of them learns a new aspect of life that neither had known prior to the switch. They had gotten away with the switch due to their similar facial features and such. Later they switched back to their own individual lives and life continued on.

I had read this novel as a child and was intrigued by the idea of two people switching lives to help understand each other’s circumstances. A learning experience with a hands-on perspective. I was obsessed with this barbie movie called The Princess and the Pauper that was inspired by the Mark Twain idea but with some variances. I don’t know why I was obsessed with this book when I was a kid, but some mysteries are left as a mystery for a reason. I do have to say I do like this novel though. I had to reread it for sure and had to do a book review as well.

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