How to Cope When You Finish a Book Series

Most of us readers, tend to dive into a book series and once we reach the final book of that series we go through a endearing emotional process. Some of us procrastinate while others simply finish the book to get it over with and hide under the covers to cry our eyes out or eat our feelings with sweets to soothe the hurt that we had read the final book, that final sentence that breaks the tear ducts into a flowing river of tears.

I personally have done both many times in my lifetime. So many feels.

It is okay to cry it out.

It is okay to procrastinate finishing that series.

It is okay to be mad.

What isn’t okay is sending the author death tweets or any negative tweets as to continue the series to the author that wrote the book series. They had spent a long time going through the process of making that world through so many processes. Sometimes an author wants to move onto another passion project or stop writing for a while.

For writers, producing one book is an extremely emotional and mental process and sometimes they can only write so much with their plot and its characters. Imagine how they feel when they finish writing the final book. They are emotional too.

The several ways one can cope is:

  1. Prepare to finish the book with a box of tissues and sweets on the side.
  2. Take your time to read the final book. Relish the final few pages.
  3. Take part of the community of the book series. Talk with others about how you feel. Verbalize your feelings with others and hear others verbalize their feelings. When you are apart of the online community, please respect others opinions and do not partake in online bullying.
  4. Reread the book series. DO NOT FEEL SHAMEFUL NOR SHAME OTHERS. It is valid to reread a book series. I have reread a many series and standalone novels due to my inability to leave the author’s world.
  5. Find out of the author has other series or standalone books.
  6. Investigate similar book series that might have similar genres of your favorite series.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little post. :]

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