might play the video game after reading this …

Blood of Elves: A Novel of the Witcher – Andrzej Sapkowski

Fantasy, video games, Netflix, fiction.

Rating 8/10

In a tavern, there is talk of Geralt, a Witcher, who rescued a little girl who is to become a Witcher. To them it is just a myth but somewhere far away Geralt is training the young Ciri. The myth is a reality. For she is destined for greatness according to the magician Triss that manages to find the Witcher kingdom. Both Triss and Geralt share a history that both rather keep distant. She tells Geralt that Ciri needs proper education and interaction with others besides constantly being trained. They take Ciri to go to school to learn properly. There are people after Ciri for who she is. Then all hell breaks loose and Geralt will do whatever it takes to protect Ciri.

This first installment of the Witcher books is all right. The plot is thoroughly driven with enough excitement to read. I love Triss and Witcher interactions, talk about sexual tension that cuts the air like a knife. Triss was mother hen mode when it came to addressing Ciri’s need for social interaction and education. Excellent writing style and unique storytelling overall. However, the chapters are really long, and I felt that the chapters could’ve been kept short or figured out a way to organize the chapters into smaller chapters. Each chapter felt longer and longer as I was reading the novel.


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