truth and freedom

In the Afterlight – Alexandra Bracken

Dystopian, young adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Ruby and the Legion of Children team figure out a way out of Los Angeles, California where the united states government took control and sent the national guard to blow up Los Angeles. As time progresses romances are formed, and more truths come forward. Getting out was the hardest part and the harder part is breaking kids out of the camps wasn’t going to be easy and will require sacrifices to be made. Once they had gathered necessary people and information, everyone is informed on how the kids changed. All are disgusted and angered, just enough to fuel the need to go and rescue more children from the camps. Ruby must make hard choices to guarantee safety of all the kids in those camps. She does this all for them and for herself.

This last installment of the series really messed me up in the head and I had to second guess my theory of how kids were changing. I was right about my theory of Vida and Chubs and their romance that blossomed. I mean certain circumstances make odd bed fellows. Overall, the entire series was really good to read and I highly recommend binge reading. The characters and the plot blend well in a balance that can’t be expressed. I cannot express more words for how much I loved the book series. I reread it the series twice before writing this blog.


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