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Elevation – Stephen King

Literature, suspense, fiction.

Rating  9/10

Scott has run into an unusual issue that he would prefer kept under tabs, so he goes to the retired doctor and friend Bob. He tells Bob that he had been losing weight like crazy, Bob doesn’t believe him at first but then sees for himself as Scott puts himself on the weight scale. Bob tells Scott that this is unusual and to go seek professional assistance for this issue, but Scott doesn’t want to. Life goes on as usual; the new neighbors opened a new diner and live next door to him. They always walk their dogs unleashed and they don’t pick up after their dogs either. He goes to confront one of them and it ends badly. They think he is a homophobe like the rest of the town, but he isn’t. Time goes on and he continues losing weight and tries to eat large quantities of food thus creating an image for him in the town as the fat man. There is a turkey trot that everyone attends including his neighbor and her wife. He bets her a wager and in a plot twist way he helps her win. She sees that and still wants to go for the wager he waged if he won. For her and her wife to come to dinner. That is when he tells them of his condition and at first, they speculated something was going on. He was losing weight but, in a way, that gravity is losing its hold onto him. He doesn’t want to be seen by professionals but see where this goes.

This was a weird short novella that I read that was strange. I assumed that King was going to possibly do a plot twist of the guy having a disease or cancer, but King surprised me. Just unusually tame genre. Scott was just a ordinary man who kept losing weight and didn’t bother to go see other help besides a select few, nothing too dramatic. However, the situation itself always should be a concern but the guy was so relaxed about it besides the little concern. I wasn’t expecting something so tame from King. Of course, this is a novella and the shortness does warrant a quick pace but seriously tame. I honestly love this novella and even though I was expecting something worse but still a wonderful novella. I do recommend this novella for those who want a quick read that is tame. I have to say this was the tamest piece of work I’ve ever read from King.

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