tests, scores, nemesis OH MY!

My Hero Academia Vol. 13 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Class 1.A continue their hero provisional licensing testing on the rescue portion of the exam. Once they’re done, all are given their scores. Nearly most of the class passes and some don’t. Those who didn’t have to go do supplemental work to make up for it. All Might goes to visit a nemesis. A new villain is on the scene. Bakugo goes and confronts Deku.

This one is short because it’s the continuation of the last volume and wanted to keep this short that way those who are interested can go read for themselves. There is some drama that does occur between characters but that is spoiling the good stuff. Anyways, I feel that All Might visiting his nemesis wasn’t a good idea. I’m going to just say Midoriya’s hero name, Deku because its easier to type and I prefer that name. Not being lazy just preference personally. The confrontation got extremely heated as equally as emotional. There is a lot to learn more about Bakugo and Deku. Their character interactions have led them to understanding each other’s goals and I see them becoming rivals. This volume was also my favorite.


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