summer training camp goes wrong!

My Hero Academia Vol. 9 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 8/10

As Midoriya and his classmates survive day one of the summer training camp, they find themselves improving their quirks and strategies. The League of Villains attack and they have a mission to capture a U.A. student. Midoriya faces a challenge that will take more strength of his quirk than he ever had used. A student is kidnapped!

 I felt so bad for the attack on the summer camp training and how those villains continue to attack relentlessly. I mean I get it that they want to find the strongest student with the strongest quirk. This summer training arc is quite fun and even though there is an attack on the camp, the characters have more experience using their quirks. I feel that this allows them to see what they can do in crisis mode versus just simulated crisis modes. Its not great that they are under attack but hands on experience does good.


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