ten steps

Ten Count – Rihito Takari

Manga, OCD, psychology, therapist, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Shirotani suffers OCD meaning a germaphobe, he cleans relentlessly and avoids situations that involve touching objects or being in places where there are cramped spaces. He is with his boss going to work and his boss gets into an accident. A psychologist, Kurose, is around to help and notices Shirotani, he tells him that he induced from his observations that Shirotani suffers OCD. Shirotani takes the offer and they arrange to meet. Kurose tells him to make a list of ten things he wants to do and tells him once you get to the tenth thing he is cured. Although this takes time he forewarns, and rushing isn’t healthy. Shirotani discovers that certain things aren’t so bad after all.

I had seen this online and was instantly interested so I had my boyfriend order this and a few other manga books that caught my attention. I really love this book. I feel that this manga explores the realities of OCD and the path to recovery or coming to terms with OCD as well as proceeding with life without the so much obsessed compulsive acts. This was also heart felt because the protagonist, Shirotani, is honest with himself and with Kurose. Kurose is also honest with Shirotani about the process and what has to be done in order for Shirotani to be less obsessive compulsive. I think Kurose developed feelings for Shirotani, and vice versa. I want to read more of this manga series because I want to see more of their character development. I really felt this manga is really worth giving a read.

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