all tied up in the middle of NOWHERE

Gerald’s Game – Stephen King

Horror, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Jessie and her husband are into some kinky games. He talks her into another one, but this doesn’t go through. She wants to not play at all, and he sees this as a part of the game. When she tries to get him off her, she kicks him right in the privates and chest, killing him in the process. She thinks otherwise until much later. Jessie tries to break free but can’t. Hours pass and she is still stuck to the bed. Again, she reattempts but fails. She spends a good long time tied up with the only thing that is keeping her alive, her will to survive and the memories. These memories haunt her and suddenly reality starts to fade as she begins to see a figure in the corner of the room. This throws Jessie into full panic and survival mode. She knows what to do to escape but this won’t be easy.

This book was anonymously requested, and I also wanted to read this novel for a really long time. I finally found a copy and began to read. My expectation was that Stephen King would slowly ease into the climax where Jessie is tied up. I was wrong and happy that I was wrong. I learned that never expect anything when reading Stephen King and never read his books when it gets dark outside. The story starts off with her already tied up by her husband and the events happen in a very fast pace. The rest of the book is her facing her memories and being haunted by delusions that her mind generated due to the fact that she is alone, hungry, and thirsty. This book freaked me out and scared me in some parts of the narrative. I do recommend this novel for sure.


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