introvert romances?

The Girl He Used to Know – Tracey Garvis Graves

Romance, Fiction.

Rating 7/10

Annika is a peculiar woman who prefers books and animals for company rather than people, a classic introvert. She has a way with her own words and her own style of interpreting life. Jonathan has been coping with a divorce. Annika and Jonathan run into each other at a grocery store and their love for one another is reignited. Both realize their past and discuss what went wrong. It was tragedy that created them to break apart. Just as they are rekindling their love, another life changing incident occurs. Both are unready for what life had in stored for them.

This was a slow read and took me a while to get into. The novel is fine and left an impression. There were two narratives that helped the plot along and explained the timeline of Annika and Jonathan’s relationship. I personally think that there could’ve been more done, and a lot of topics expanded. I can relate a little to the protagonist, Annika, because I also prefer books and animals sometimes rather than humans. I don’t do so well in social settings with large gatherings. If they were small group gatherings I can cope and deal with. This novel does bring up the topic of autism as well as anxiety and quickly dismisses within a few pages. I feel that subject should’ve been discussed further. I think this novel is fine if one wanted to read a slow romance novel.


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