I would like to inform my followers that I will be continuing my blog without delay. There is a Corona Virus pandemic occurring globally. Lots of places that hold large gatherings of individuals are closing their doors as a precaution to limit spread of this Corona Virus, unfortunately including libraries because of this. I have books that are still stacked and online databases I can access.

For avid readers there is HOOPLA, where one can sign up using their library card and access their online content. I currently am doing that and I suggest for my followers that might have kids home from school because here in Los Angeles, where I live, L.A.U.S.D (Los Angeles Unified District) has informed all schools to close until further notice. Usually I don’t condone more screen time but there is a need to keep kids educated and entertained. Below is a link that can help keep kids entertained and learn at home. On Disney+ there is national geographic shows as well.


I highly suggest for my followers to eat healthy. Don’t go over board with buying and or stocking up because this creates less supplies for those who need supplies such as toilet paper and feminine products. As well as waiting for a while for the stores to restock inventory. I recently went to the store and couldn’t find a lot of stuff I usually buy weekly because I don’t overstock due to concerns for others to have supplies as well.

Take garlic, oregano, vitamin C, and zinc supplements. This herbal regimen helps improve the immune system. Eat food that contain some of these vitamins and minerals. Drink plenty of water.

I am fine. Just distraught and disappointed that I can’t go to a library. 😦 But I will persist. My boyfriend had bought me some books to keep me occupied especially since my community college is closed for the next four weeks until this whole thing blows over. We still have reading assignments and other assignments for non English subjects, but because I tend to get things done rather quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for reading my book blogs and updates. I appreciate this because I love reading books and sharing how I feel about books. I had to type out this insanely long life update because I want people to know that there are preventative ways with taking supplements, drinking water, and eating healthy foods.

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