Amnesia Amnesia Amnesia

Teen Titans: Raven – Kami Garcia, Illustrated by Gabriel Picolo

Teen Titans, DC Comics, foster youth, foster home, graphic novel, orphans, psychic abilities, amnesia, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Raven undergoes an accident that leaves her to have amnesia. Raven can’t remember anything before the fatal crash. Her foster sister helps her regain her memories by trying to find memory triggers. As Raven struggles to regain her memories, she’s confused by her abilities to make certain thoughts into reality as well as hearing other voices of her peers rather than just her own. As she slowly discovers the truth and the reality, she finds out her origin and at the same time, claim her own origin.

I hardly knew much of Teen Titans other than the television show that was on air during early 2000s. Raven was one of my favorites besides Beast Boy. I enjoyed this graphic novel about her and learned some more about my favorite Teen Titan. I highly recommend this graphic novel if one is into the DC Comics and the DC Universe.

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